"While the United States Department of Commerce’s decision to lower tariff rates is encouraging, tariffs continue to unfairly target Canadian softwood lumber exports and harm consumers on both sides of the border. At a time when households are struggling with rising prices, the need for affordable and sustainable forest products is most urgent.

“Alberta’s forests are an internationally recognized source of responsibly manufactured softwood lumber – in 2021 alone, $1.9 billion worth of lumber crossed the border. The U.S. is a key customer for Canada and represents crucial demand for our province’s lumber products.

“Past U.S. claims about unfairly traded Canadian softwood lumber have been confirmed to be unfounded time and time again.

“We will continue to defend our province’s forest sector through legal action and appeals under the North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement) and World Trade Organization appeal process.

“The significant benefits that Canadian softwood lumber provides both countries deserves to be recognized. The news of lower rates is a welcomed step toward fairer treatment.

“Alberta will support Canada as it continues to push for a free flow of trade that ensures prosperity for both nations and for Alberta’s forest sector.”