More than 215,000 unnecessary requirements are no longer getting in the way of Albertans and Alberta businesses.

“When government gets in the way with needless red tape, it robs Albertans and Alberta businesses of time and money. That’s why we committed to cutting red tape by one-third. By eliminating many of the inherited requirements that were in place at the start of our mandate, we have made tremendous progress in support of this goal. Ultimately, less red tape makes life easier for hard-working Albertans and their businesses.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Cutting red tape is a critical part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan and this significant milestone proves that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ With the ideas and feedback of Albertans and Alberta businesses, we’ve been able to make it easier for Albertans to access government services while supporting a business environment that attracts investment and creates jobs.”

Tanya Fir, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

Since 2019, the government has completed hundreds of initiatives to cut red tape, saving Albertans and Alberta businesses countless hours and more than $1.2 billion. This includes reducing unnecessary government oversight, eliminating redundant requirements and making it easier for Albertans to access government services.

“Municipalities play an essential role in supporting local economies through service provision, needed support services, economic development and sound governance. Efforts undertaken to reduce red tape has enabled streamlined processes to support efficient and effective municipal operations across rural Alberta. Red tape reduction has been an authentic signal to business that Alberta, and municipalities, are truly open for business.”

Paul McLauchlin, president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta 

“Alberta Municipalities appreciates the action the provincial government has taken on many of our recommendations over the past three years. All citizens and businesses appreciate and benefit from the elimination of unnecessary red tape.”

Cathy Heron, president, Alberta Municipalities

Reducing red tape also means modernizing Alberta’s regulatory frameworks and implementing digital solutions to save businesses time and money while still protecting the environment, keeping Albertans safe and healthy, and upholding fiscal accountability.

“The Alberta government has made a lot of progress in the area of regulatory transparency and modernization. It is encouraging to see that work continue toward their goal of a one-third reduction, but it’s just the beginning. As we look to recovery, red tape reduction is an opportunity for all governments to create a strong, competitive business environment.”

Laura Jones, executive vice-president and chief strategic officer, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

In May 2019, Alberta’s government identified just over 631,000 regulatory requirements and made a commitment to eliminate one-third of this total. Since then, government has removed four regulatory requirements for every requirement added, achieving a 26 per cent overall reduction. Many of the additional requirements were introduced to support economic growth and new opportunities for job creators, such as the Captive Insurance or Helium Royalty regimes, demonstrating the government’s commitment to a regulatory environment focused on outcomes.

“The government’s commitment to cut red tape has made a very real and tangible difference for businesses in Alberta. Whether it’s the changes to farmers markets or added flexibility for distillers to create new products, red tape reduction is making it easier to do business in the province and opening up new growth opportunities.”

Mark Freeland, owner, Two Rivers Distillery

As government closes in on its promise to cut red tape by one-third by 2023, the one-third reduction of inherited requirements and the 26 per cent overall reduction achieved to date marks a significant milestone in the Alberta government's commitment.

If Albertans come across a government process that’s too complex, takes too long or is duplicative, Alberta’s government wants to know about it. Visit and click on “Email us your idea.”

Quick facts

  • More than 530 red tape reduction initiatives have been implemented so far, many of which respond directly to recommendations from Albertans, industry and other stakeholders.
  • Nine industry panels have directly informed red tape reduction work. The panels represent Alberta’s key economic sectors, including agriculture, food and bio-industrial; chemical manufacturing; construction; forestry; industrial manufacturing; non-profit; oil and gas; small business; and tourism and hospitality.
  • Six red tape reduction acts have eliminated more than 3,700 unnecessary requirements.
  • For the last three years, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses has consistently ranked Alberta as one of Canada’s top performers on red tape reduction. This follows a series of “F” grades in previous years.