“This has been a monumental year for Alberta’s affordable housing system. With new capital investments, updated programs and a bold 10-year housing strategy, Alberta’s government is keeping its promise that more affordable housing will be built for Albertans who need it. I look forward to continuing this important work in 2022.”

Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

Transforming affordable housing

In 2021, Alberta’s government took major steps to improve access to housing for Albertans in need now, and in the future. The government:

  • Released Stronger Foundations, Alberta’s 10-year plan to improve and expand affordable housing. The strategy maps out the bold and thoughtful changes needed to provide safe, stable, affordable housing for an additional 25,000 households – an increase of more than 40 per cent.
  • Redesigned the Rent Supplement Program to provide more flexibility to tenants and give working Albertans access to temporary help while maintaining long-term supports for those most in need. All supplements now go directly to eligible tenants, giving them the freedom to move, whether it’s for a new job or to a more suitable home for their family.
  • Secured federal funding for the Rent Supplement Program, doubling funding for rent assistance to $444 million between 2019 and 2028, which will assist 35,500 eligible Alberta households.
  • Launched the Find Housing online tool to make it easier for applicants to evaluate their eligibility and connect with housing options that meet their needs.

Investing in new homes

Alberta’s government continues to provide safe, stable housing for families, seniors, survivors of family violence, Indigenous peoples, and those with health and disability issues. This year the government:

  • Announced $19.9 million in funding for 146 seniors and affordable housing units in five communities:
    • Edmonton ($6 million, 32 Indigenous housing units) 
    • Calgary ($2.3 million, 12 Indigenous seniors housing units)
    • Lac Ste. Anne ($2.6 million, 12 Indigenous seniors housing units)
    • Victor Lake ($2.2 million, 12 Indigenous seniors housing units)
    • Lethbridge ($6.8 million, 14 transitional housing units for Indigenous women; and 64 mixed-income seniors housing units)
  • Opened 274 new seniors and affordable housing units in four communities:
  • Continued development on 28 projects, including:
    • Spirit River (40 seniors lodge units, 52 designated supportive living units)
    • Edmonton (240 mixed-income units)

Creating good jobs

Affordable housing is part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan to build economic prosperity by creating jobs and providing a safe, stable place for Albertans to get back on their feet and pursue new opportunities. In 2021, the government:

  • Announced the affordable housing strategy, which will support up to 2,000 full-time jobs each year with important contributions from partner organizations.
  • Is supporting more than 1,700 jobs across the province through approved capital projects.

Quick facts

  • Capital Plan 2021 allocates $238 million over three years to provide 1,800 new and regenerated affordable housing units while maintaining the 26,700-unit provincially owned portfolio and creating more than 1,700 jobs.
  • More than 1,500 new units have been completed since 2019, of which about half were for seniors.
Alberta's Recovery Plan