Transforming affordable housing

Minister Pon announces a 10-year strategy and legislation to improve and expand affordable housing in Alberta.

Stronger Foundations is Alberta’s 10-year strategy that will improve and expand affordable housing. It maps out the bold and thoughtful changes needed to provide safe, stable, affordable housing for an additional 25,000 households to increase the total number of households served to 82,000 – an increase of more than 40 per cent.

“Albertans deserve a housing system that is flexible, fair, inclusive and sustainable. The Stronger Foundations strategy focuses on partnerships and innovation to meet the diverse and unique housing needs of Albertans across the province now and into the future. Having a safe and secure place to call home will create new opportunities for Albertans.”

Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

The strategic plan outlines how Alberta’s government will:

  • support Albertans most in need
  • improve access
  • increase capacity, planning and governance
  • enhance sustainability and efficiency
  • enable growth and investment

“Alberta’s 10-year strategy to improve and enhance affordable housing is a significant step forward to address the housing crisis in Alberta. There is no affordable Indigenous housing without wraparound services, and this strategy promotes such supports. This strategy focuses on achieving sustainability and affordability by adopting innovative ideas that encourage meaningful partnerships. We look forward to working with the ministry and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Bindu Bonneau, senior director of operations, Metis Urban Housing Corporation & Metis Capital Housing Corporation

This strategic direction is based on the advice provided by the Affordable Housing Review Panel, which included input from Albertans.

“Experts in housing development and delivery provided input into the development of the strategy and considerations for implementation. I am pleased to see the advice from the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Housing reflected in the strategic plan.”

Shane Getson, MLA for Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland, and representative on the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Housing

“Silvera is excited to support the Government of Alberta’s renewed commitment to providing housing and supports for those seniors in our community that need a safe, affordable, and vibrant place to call home. Our commitment to meeting the ever-changing and growing needs of seniors will be enhanced by this new 10-year framework, unlocking opportunities for partnerships and innovation within the sector. Silvera is grateful to have been engaged in the framework development process and is looking forward to our continued partnership with the Government of Alberta as the framework is implemented in the coming months and years.”

Kyle Fawcett, chief external relations officer, Silvera for Seniors

If passed, Bill 78, the Alberta Housing Amendment Act, will set the stage for key initiatives under Stronger Foundations. It lays the foundation for government to take steps to encourage and attract investment, and encourage more innovative models of funding and delivery of affordable housing. The strategy identifies long-term collaboration with non-profit and private housing providers and communities that will result in new housing projects being community driven and focused to better serve local needs by:

  • Making it possible for the province to enter into joint ventures or partnerships to provide affordable housing.
  • Clearly defining “affordable housing accommodation” and “provider” in legislation.
  • Formally designating affordable housing accommodations and providers.
  • Ensuring oversight for, and accountability of, non-housing management body providers and new partnerships. 
  • Giving the minister authority to require specific knowledge or skills for housing management body boards.

The province’s strategy will be implemented over the next 10 years. Alberta’s government will work closely with municipalities and housing providers to ensure stability for tenants and continue to support and protect the most vulnerable.

Quick facts

  • Stronger Foundations: Alberta’s 10-year plan to improve and expand affordable housing reflects advice from the Affordable Housing Review Panel to redefine the government’s role, tap into community expertise, expand partnerships and simplify the system.
  • Alberta Seniors and Housing’s Capital Plan 2021 allocates $238 million over three years to provide 1,800 new and regenerated affordable housing units while maintaining the 26,700-unit provincially owned portfolio and creating  more than 1,700 jobs
  • Nearly 1,500 new units have been completed since 2019, of which about half were for seniors.
  • Budget 2021 injected $16 million into the Rent Supplement Program budget. The redesigned program provides critical housing support for about 11,600 households each year, 3,800 more than were served before the program redesign.
  • More than 57,000 Alberta households live in affordable housing, and more than 24,000 are on wait-lists.
  • The average age of government-owned affordable housing buildings is 35 years.
  • Alberta’s affordable housing system is complex and has not changed structurally for more than 20 years.
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