Over the past year, comprehensive reviews of the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) and the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) programs occurred. A PDD Steering Committee was appointed in October 2020 to oversee the PDD review and the report was given to the government this fall. The FSCD review was conducted by Community and Social Services from October 2020 to May 2021. A What We Heard report was developed in response to feedback from the review.

Families and individuals provided feedback to speed up access to critical services by reducing red tape. Alberta’s government listened and is already modernizing internal processes to make sure service delivery is consistent across the province for families for both the FSCD and PDD programs.

“I know how important the PDD and FSCD programs are to the individuals and families who access them. We are committed to working with the disability community on solutions to make these programs stronger and ensure they meet people’s needs. We are honouring our commitment to support vulnerable Albertans by making sure the supports they rely on are accessible and sustainable now and in the future.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Community and Social Services

“The Alberta Council of Disability Services is pleased with today’s release of the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Steering Committee report. ACDS appreciated the opportunity to engage as a member on the steering committee, along with service providers and advocates, to develop recommendations to address some of the ongoing challenges impacting the PDD program. We look forward to working with Alberta’s government to forward the report’s recommendations, ultimately ensuring we have an impactful program of supports for Albertans with developmental disabilities.”

Andrea Hesse, CEO, Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)

A new action committee is also being formed to help revamp the way PDD clients’ needs are assessed – a key change stakeholders wanted to see. Members include three government staff as well as:

  • Dorothy Badry, associate professor, faculty of social work, University of Calgary
  • Trish Bowman, CEO, Inclusion Alberta
  • Ryan Geake, CEO, Calgary SCOPE Society, and board chair, ACDS
  • Janice Gerbrandt, director, corporate services with Rehoboth Christian Ministries, and director at large, ACDS

Quick facts

  • A total of 11,551 Albertans responded to the online questionnaire asking for feedback on FSCD services and supports.
  • Currently, approximately 15,000 Alberta families access the FSCD program, with another 3,500 families working with program staff to plan for services.
  • The PDD Steering Committee’s work built on the recommendations made by Albertans in the 2018-19 PDD program review and through disability advisory forums held over the past two years.
  • The PDD program supports nearly 13,000 Albertans.