If passed, Bill 87, the Electoral Divisions Amendment Act, will rename the constituency of Calgary-McCall to Calgary-Bhullar-McCall.

This constituency holds significance to the former minister and his family, and is where the Manmeet Singh Bhullar School is located. The new riding name continues to commemorate the contributions of First World War veteran Frederick McCall.

“It is our privilege to honour Manmeet, who touched so many lives with his passion and commitment to advocating for the vulnerable and empowering Albertans. He was a dedicated public servant, and gave his life helping someone in need. Alberta lost a great man with his passing, but we will never forget the legacy he left behind.”

Jason Nixon, Government House Leader

Bhullar served Albertans as the Minister of Service Alberta, Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Human Services. He fought to better protect homeowners, advocated for vulnerable Albertans, defended visible minorities and championed capital projects across the province.

In 2008, Bhullar was the youngest MLA ever elected at that time. He served as the MLA from March 2008 until he died in November 2015. He was struck by a vehicle while helping another driver on the QEII Highway.

Quick facts

  • Calgary-McCall is currently named after Frederick McCall, a decorated First World War veteran, fighter pilot and pioneer in Canadian aviation, which is why the new electoral division keeps McCall’s name and is adding Bhullar’s name. The new name, Calgary-Bhullar-McCall, would reflect its history and two prominent Albertans.
  • The new riding of Calgary-Bhullar-McCall includes several significant locations, including the Manmeet Singh Bhullar School.