“Oct. 10 is World Homeless Day.

“This day reminds us that homelessness is a complex issue. Each and every one of us can have a role in helping people in need.

“Alberta’s government is investing nearly $140 million to help people experiencing homelessness through emergency shelters and community-based organizations to provide supports and help people get into appropriate housing.

“Our community partners do incredible work supporting some of Alberta’s most vulnerable people and they deserve our heartfelt thank you for the work they do every day. I admire their tireless dedication to helping this vulnerable population, particularly through the challenging months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since the start of the pandemic, our partners have focused their efforts on helping people move into homes of their own. I am pleased to know homeless shelters have helped more than 3,000 people move into transitional and permanent housing – this is a remarkable achievement worth celebrating.

“And for those who need to access emergency shelters, we have invested significantly to activate additional facilities with 24-7 access to critical supports, including physical distancing in shelters, hotels for self-isolation, regular meal service, showers, laundry and connection to mental health and addiction supports, as well as connection to housing.

“While it is important to draw attention to this issue on special days of action, I also encourage Albertans to find ways to get involved and support people experiencing homelessness every day.

“Together, we can continue to make positive impacts for Albertans experiencing homelessness.”