At Emergency Management Exercise 2021 – also known as EMX 21 – representatives from all levels of government, emergency management professionals, Indigenous groups, industry and non-government organizations will hone their knowledge and skills ahead of the approaching hazard season.

The Feb. 24 online event will help build relationships, clarify roles and processes, and cover a wide range of information that will be critical in the months ahead. Presentations include a wildfire briefing, river forecast, spring hazards outlook and an update on COVID-19.

Gaining insights and adopting best practices from lessons learned is an important part of preparing for future emergencies. Part of the day will focus on emergency management activities in a COVID-19 environment. This will include the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo sharing their experiences in managing the flood response during COVID-19 last spring.

“Disasters can strike communities across our province at any time. That’s why Alberta’s government is working to make sure that we will be on the ground, able to help as fast as possible. Training alongside our partners now makes sure that we’re ready when the heavy lifting of a coordinated emergency response is required. Thank you to all of Alberta’s emergency management professionals who continue to protect our province and our communities.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

“While we have all been dealing with the pandemic, it is important that we continue to plan and train with partner agencies at all levels. The next event is just around the corner, so planning, collaboration and preparation is more important than ever. We are excited about the opportunity to join in with the province on this important and innovative exercise.”

Randy Smith, director, Emergency Management, Rocky View County

Emergency management exercises are vital to ensuring the Government of Alberta and its community partners are prepared to respond effectively when emergencies and disasters occur. Albertans are encouraged to practise their own emergency preparation, as disasters can happen with little to no warning. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared:

  • Sign up to receive Alberta emergency alerts.
  • Build and maintain emergency kits.
  • Have an emergency plan in place and practise that plan with your family.
  • Review your insurance coverage with your provider to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to protect your family and property.

Quick facts

  • Emergency management exercises have been held annually in Alberta since 2001.
  • The Alberta Emergency Management Agency coordinates and provides leadership to Alberta’s emergency management system and mitigates, prepares for, responds to, and helps recovery during emergencies and disasters. The Provincial Operations Centre, which provides a base for that coordination, is staffed 24-7.
  • Alberta’s emergency management system is designed to protect life, property and the environment by providing a unified, coordinated and resilient response to emergencies.