In the spring of 2020, the government began a review of government-operated care facilities operated by Community and Social Services. The review examined operations at government-operated care facilities in Edmonton and Calgary to ensure they are meeting people’s needs and that the services are sustainable now, and in the future. Feedback was gathered from individuals, families and guardians, service providers and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

“I know how important these facilities are to the people relying on them. Those using these services will continue to be cared for, receive services that match their needs, and these services will continue to be provided by Alberta’s government.” 

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Community and Social Services

There were 150 responses to the survey that was sent to the families and guardians of individuals using these facilities. Overall, the majority of respondents indicated they prefer to have their loved ones stay at the current locations, served by current staff. They indicated they are opposed to transitioning to new service providers. After reviewing the feedback and data, the government has decided to continue the current model of service delivery at these facilities.

Quick facts

  • Community and Social Services operates services at:
    • Residential and Support Services in Edmonton
    • Hardisty Home Services in Edmonton
    • Rosecrest Home Services in Edmonton
    • Graduated Supports Services in Calgary
  • About 210 individuals with disabilities access these services. 
  • About 339 staff are employed at these facilities.
  • 150 people responded to the survey.
  • Survey results:
    • 98 per cent of respondents are satisfied with current services.
    • 97 per cent of respondents are satisfied with staffing.
    • 81 per cent are opposed to transitioning services to community service providers.
    • 90 per cent indicated they prefer keeping their loved ones at their current locations.