As a result, no sites included under the Budget 2020 optimization plan will be delisted. All will remain open and accessible to Albertans. All will retain their current designations and associated protections.

“Many Albertans, including myself, love and value our parks and wild spaces. With more Albertans than ever staying in the province, now is the ideal time to ensure we all have access to these spaces and that they remain protected. I am grateful for the hard work of our parks partners and look forward to keeping our parks system sustainable for future generations.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

As part of Budget 2020, Alberta’s government decided to work with Albertans to continue operating a number of provincial parks facilities across the province. These sites were identified for partnership by Environment and Parks operations staff, who have knowledge of the needs of each area and where partner operators would be most appropriate.

Many organizations and communities across the province have expressed their interest in becoming operational partners. Alberta Environment and Parks has successfully engaged with many of these organizations to operate their local campgrounds and day-use areas, including more than a dozen sites that previously did not have operating partners. In the coming months, Alberta Environment and Parks expects to continue working with interested organizations through the long-standing operational partnerships system.

The efforts of non-profits, municipalities, First Nations and other partners will help ensure that Alberta’s parks will remain sustainable for many years to come. All sites will maintain their parks designations, regardless of whether they have confirmed an operational partnership. All sites will remain protected in law, and are accessible to Albertans for recreation and enjoyment.

Partnership highlights include:

  • Indigenous communities – including Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement, which has operated North Buck Lake Provincial Recreation Area for more than 20 years.
  • Municipalities and municipal organizations – including Special Areas Board, which began operating Gooseberry Lake and Little Fish Lake Provincial Parks this year.
  • Non-profit groups – including Nordiq Alberta, which is supporting cross-country ski trail grooming in Kananaskis parks and recreation areas.

A full list of partnership sites in Alberta Parks can be found here.

Albertans will see even more partnerships rolled out over the coming months.

Alberta Crown Land Vision

Alberta’s government made a platform commitment to modernize Crown lands legislation and enhance partnerships with non-profits as part of a common-sense conservation plan.

On Nov. 26, Alberta’s government launched the Crown Lands Vision and opened engagement with Albertans on sustainable recreation on public lands. Through the engagement process, Albertans will help guide improvements to the use and management of Crown land.   

Visit the Alberta Crown Land Vision for more information and to participate in the sustainable recreation survey.