In late September, Government House Leader Jason Nixon asked Speaker Nathan Cooper to recall MLAs to the chamber a week earlier than initially planned in order to debate an ambitious suite of bills.

“Alberta’s legislature passed more bills than any other, including the federal Parliament, over the course of the spring 2020 sitting. We are aiming to move a similarly ambitious set of bills through the chamber this time around. Albertans expect us to keep our foot on the gas, even in the midst of a global pandemic and recession that are having a devastating impact on the province’s economy. Alberta’s government is doing everything possible to get us through this challenging time, while continuing to implement our platform commitments.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“I’m looking forward to another productive session and to seeing legislation tabled that will support the province’s economic recovery while fulfilling more of our platform promises. We’re facing the most grim fiscal and heath environment in a generation head on; and we’re doing it together. Though we have already achieved nearly 75 per cent of our platform promises with only 18 months in government, there is more work to be done to get Albertans back to work, put the province back on a path to economic stability, and create certainty for Alberta job creators and investors alike.”

Jason Nixon, Government House Leader

The government is also looking to fulfil more of the promises made to Albertans during the last election, including cutting red tape, diversifying the province’s core industries and strengthening public safety.

Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a bold, ambitious long-term strategy to build, diversify, and create tens of thousands of jobs now. By building schools, roads and other core infrastructure we are benefiting our communities. By diversifying our economy and attracting investment with Canada’s most competitive tax environment, we are putting Alberta on a path for a generation of growth. Alberta came together to save lives by flattening the curve and now we must do the same to save livelihoods, grow and thrive.

MLAs will continue to practise physical distancing while in the chamber, where possible. Every effort will be made to ensure limited contact between members, media and legislature staff in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Alberta's Recovery Plan