To help increase international exports, specific trade and investment officers will join Invest Alberta’s international offices in Mexico City, and Singapore. The province’s international offices in the United States and the European Union will also each welcome one new staff member. This will complement Alberta agriculture’s international exposure in the Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and New Delhi offices.

Raising Alberta’s profile as an attractive investment destination in global markets is a key outcome of the Investment and Growth Strategy to increase provincial exports.

“In such trying times, the entrepreneurial spirit of Albertans continues to remain unmatched. Alberta’s farmers and ranchers are the hardest working and most innovative in the world and provide renowned products like Alberta Beef. Improving market access is critical to the growth and long-term success of Alberta’s farmers and ranchers. Putting experienced, intelligent and driven people on the ground will create countless opportunities for our thriving agriculture sector and support them for generations to come.” 

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Now is the time to capitalize on the fast-growing global demand for high quality, safe food by improving market access for Alberta. Greater access to global markets will help our agriculture sector thrive, enabling hardworking farm families in Alberta to make more money from the marketplace.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Aggressive new growth targets have been set at 8.5 per cent per year for value-added agricultural exports and 7.5 per cent per year for primary agricultural exports. Together, these new growth targets will increase agri-food exports to $16.6 billion by 2023; a 43 per cent increase from the 2018 level of $11.6 billion.

“Alberta’s farmers and ranchers grow and produce more food than can be consumed by Albertans. Expanding market access for our high quality products is essential to the long term success of Alberta’s agriculture sector. With this support, farmers and ranchers will be able to take advantage of new opportunities that will ensure that agriculture continues to lead Alberta’s economic recovery.”

Mark Smith, MLA for Drayton Valley-Devon

“Global market access is critical to the success of Alberta’s 13,000 canola farmers who have a well-deserved reputation for producing one of the most superior products in the world. Alberta’s Canola farmers have a long, proud history of dedication to sustainable farming practices and are leaders in applying the latest research to their operations. Promoting these traits on the international stage will attract investment to our sector which already generates $2 billion in exports annually. I appreciate the Minister’s efforts to champion Alberta’s farms and strengthen the economic recovery of this province.”

John Guelly, Alberta Canola, Chair

To help achieve these targets, Alberta’s government will:

  • Undertake targeted market development and partner with the federal government to eliminate market barriers and open new markets
  • Help the food industry support importer interest in Alberta through a one-window approach
  • Support the agri-food industry in establishing footholds in new markets and attracting foreign direct investment

Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a bold, ambitious long-term strategy to build, diversify, and create tens of thousands of jobs now. By building schools, roads and other core infrastructure we are benefiting our communities. By diversifying our economy and attracting investment with Canada’s most competitive tax environment, we are putting Alberta on a path for a generation of growth. Alberta came together to save lives by flattening the curve and now we must do the same to save livelihoods, grow and thrive.

Quick facts

  • As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, Agriculture and Forestry has developed a value-added strategy that will attract more than $1.4 billion in new investment, creating more than 2,000 jobs.
  • Alberta products account for more than 21 per cent of all Canadian goods exported internationally.
  • Alberta’s access to domestic, U.S., and other world markets where Canada has established trade agreements offers benefits to investors and business that can grow and increase their competitiveness.
  • Alberta’s agri-food sector is an important part of the Alberta economy, contributing $9.2 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) annually and employing more than 77,000 Albertans.
  • With sales of $15.8 billion in 2019, food and beverage manufacturing was the second-largest manufacturing industry in Alberta (20.8 per cent of provincial manufacturing sales) after petroleum and coal product manufacturing. It is the largest manufacturing employer in the province, employing 28,000 Albertans.
Alberta's Recovery Plan