The Fairness for Newcomers Office was established to remove the barriers associated with the assessment of foreign qualifications. Working with professional regulatory organizations, the office will support fairness for newcomers by ensuring registration practices are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

“Getting Alberta back to work means making the most of everyone’s talents, including newcomers to Alberta. For too long we have seen immigrant doctors driving cabs, and engineers working in corner stores. That’s why our government is implementing the Fairness for Newcomers Action Plan. It started with the passage of the Fair Registration Practices Act. The opening of the Fairness for Newcomers office is the next step to breaking down barriers to the full economic inclusion of new Albertans.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Every year, hundreds of highly educated newcomers immigrate to Alberta and face unjust obstacles that prevent them from using their international training and education to get ahead. By fulfilling our platform commitment to open the new Fairness for Newcomers Office, we will enable Albertans to benefit from the entrepreneurial drive and skills of newcomers who will help grow our economy and get Albertans back to work.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Labour and Immigration

“The Government of Alberta’s commitment to provide timely and fair registration services to qualified professionals who are newcomers to the province is a direction CPA Alberta strongly endorses. These newcomers have a great deal to offer the province, and doing all we can to facilitate their success helps grow Alberta economically and socially. As a professional regulatory body, CPA Alberta is looking forward to working with the government in achieving the goals set for the Fairness for Newcomers Office.”

Rachel Miller, CEO, Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta

“We heard from people across the province how unnecessary barriers were negatively affecting newcomers in having their credentials recognized. The launch of the Fairness for Newcomers Office is a clear indication that our government is serious about welcoming newcomers, getting Albertans back to work, and working collaboratively with our provincial regulatory associations.” 

Muhammad Yaseen, Parliamentary Secretary of Immigration

Quick facts

  • According to the Conference Board of Canada, Canadians would earn up to $17 billion more annually if their learning credentials were fully recognized.
  • Provinces such as Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia already have fairness legislation to ensure professional regulatory organizations have fair registration practices.