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The Digital Innovation Office (DIO) was created to drive digital transformation, as well as support and coordinate innovation across the Alberta government. The DIO is taking a system-wide strategic approach to implement and establish governance for these cross-ministry initiatives.

The DIO is led by Chief Officer Dominique Bohn whose career has taken her from a senior IT and service design consultant to leading the British Columbia Ministry of Justice’s digital strategy. Since the DIO formed in 2018, Dominique and her team have worked with frontline service staff in various Alberta government ministries to assess service efficiency. As a start, several key areas – child care, social welfare, traffic courts and consultation – were identified as having potential for improvement. By working collaboratively with internal IT staff and the digital vendor community, the team is committed to deliver improved digital services in these areas over the next year.


The DIO is driven by 3 key principles:

  • To truly understand Albertans’ needs and improve end-to-end citizen experience.
  • To use modern, open source technologies to curb service and IT costs for Albertans.
  • To enable government services to be more transparent, open and nimble.

We also aim to:

  • support the diversification of our economy
  • engage businesses of various sizes
  • cultivate digital talents in the province

How we work

The DIO champions a portfolio of exemplar digital services in partnership with program areas across the Alberta government. Exemplars are flagship projects that show how digital can be done better. By doing these early projects well, we create a movement towards embracing modern digital in the Alberta government. We are energized to make a positive impact on everyday government services and Albertans who rely on them. Here are our approaches:

  • Keep spending under control: start with a smaller budget to deliver working software that provides value for Albertans and government faster.
  • Start and stay human-centred: use tools from design and anthropology to see firsthand Albertans' experience, needs and goals.
  • Be Agile: break projects into small, bite-size pieces based around the needs of Albertans. Work in a regular rhythm to continuously design, build and test working software.
  • Close the gap between business and delivery: embed digital teams with government program areas, so they work can together with government to align all the layers of a service  –  from the specific functionality all the way through to policy and strategy.
  • Outcomes driven: do fieldwork in the real world and be clear up front about outcomes for Albertans. Prevent situations where digital services meet the formal requirements but fail to actually deliver value for citizens.

Connecting with Albertans

While our current focus is on several priority projects, we aim to continue to improve digital standards across government. We are excited to work alongside Albertans and their families to co-design government digital services. We want to hear from you and your families as end users as we build these digital services that are truly accessible and meaningful to you. And we want to continue working together to improve these services.

You can stay informed on our work and connect with us through the Digital Innovation Office blog.


Connect with the DIO:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Email: [email protected]

Digital Innovation Office
108th Street Building, 9942 108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2J5

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