Previously, the payment date was a few days before the beginning of the month, with the actual date of payment varying from month-to-month. Having a consistent and predictable payment date aligns recipients’ monthly income and monthly costs. This change should help Albertans receiving payments better plan and budget for expenses from one month to the next.

When the first of the month is a weekend or holiday, payments will be deposited or mailed on the last business day of the previous month. For example: March 1st is a Sunday, and the payment date for AISH and Income Support is Friday, February 28.

How recipients can prepare

  • Visit to view the 2020 payment schedule.
  • Call a caseworker or Alberta Supports (1- 877-644-9992) to sign up for direct deposit, if currently receiving payment by cheque.
  • Adjust the timing of monthly bills if needed.

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 97 per cent of AISH and Income Support recipients receive benefits via direct deposit.
  • Clients with direct deposit receive benefits on the payment date.
  • Clients receiving benefits by cheque will receive benefits in the mail on the payment date or within three business days.