Declaration: Red Tape Reduction Awareness Week

(L to R) Associate Minister Grant Hunter; Nathan Satanove, Owner, Pasta Pantry; Rob Plante, Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The declaration coincides with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s own Red Tape Awareness Week, which highlights how regulatory burdens from all levels of government impede businesses and negatively affect the economy.

“Red Tape Reduction Awareness week is about celebrating our work in cutting red tape for Albertans, while acknowledging there’s a lot more to be done. Our government has made it clear that we will get Albertans back to work. I’m excited as we move forward into this new year – we have an ambitious agenda ahead of us.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

This year, Associate Minister Hunter has been named a finalist to receive a Golden Scissors Award from the CFIB. The award is granted to a small handful of organizations and individuals for their leadership in cutting red tape and making it easier for small businesses to thrive. The winners will be announced on Jan. 23, 2020.

 “CFIB is encouraged by the work already undertaken by the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction to tackle the issue of red tape. Red tape creates headaches and stress for not only small businesses but all citizens. The government has shown commitment and leadership on identifying red tape burdens and implementing initiatives that streamline government services.”

Annie Dormuth, director of Provincial Affairs, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Red Tape Reduction Awareness Week will highlight successes made over the last half year, announce new actions, and kick off a new year of cutting Alberta’s regulatory burden.