Claude Parent, Brian Mareck and Jennifer McCallum-Maltauro have each been charged under the act with occupying vacant public land without authorization between Oct. 30 and Nov. 19, 2019.

Parent and Mareck each face five additional charges under the Public Lands Act for alleged unlawful activities which include damaging public lands and accumulating waste on public lands.

All three accused are scheduled to appear in court in Whitecourt on Jan. 14.

The charges involve:

  • Occupying public land without holding a disposition or an authorization.
  • Accumulating waste material, debris, refuse or garbage on public land.
  • Using public land in a way that is likely to result in loss or damage to public land.
  • Causing alterations, such as any structure or excavation on public land, that are undesirable or otherwise in contravention of the Public Lands Act or the regulations.
  • Causing the existence on public land of any condition that may cause loss or damage to the public land.

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