The Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation specifies the legal size, weight and configuration limits for commercial vehicles on Alberta roads. The limits in the regulation have not been updated in nearly 20 years and do not reflect modern vehicle configurations and equipment.

As a result, commercial drivers in Alberta have to obtain permits for standard equipment that is allowed in most other jurisdictions, including wildlife bumpers, aerodynamic devices and wide load signs. Alberta Transportation already grants these permits for standard equipment every time they are requested.

Alberta Transportation has updated the regulation to eliminate these unnecessary permits.

“Safety is always our top priority but these outdated permits were not doing anything to improve safety. They were out of touch and unnecessary. Alberta Transportation has granted these permits every time they were asked for. If you grant a permit 100 per cent of the time, it’s time to update the regulation.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“Modernization is an important part of reducing red tape as it allows Albertans to get ahead and be cost-efficient in a fast-paced world. These changes in trucking rules are an important step forward for our farmers and truckers and make their lives easier.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

Updating the Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation is part of the government’s commitment to reduce red tape.

Quick facts

  • Provincial regulations specify the legal size, weight and configuration limits for commercial vehicles to travel safely on all Alberta roads.
  • Vehicles that exceed these limits must apply for permits.
  • Because of changes to vehicle technology and improvements in traffic operations and infrastructure, several of the limits were outdated and no longer reflected modern vehicle equipment and configurations.
  • By updating the regulation, government can eliminate roughly 5,600 individual permits per year, without any changes to traffic or road safety.