Taking action to reduce road test wait times

Transportation Minister Ric McIver with MLAs Richard Gotfried and Ron Orr, Craig Couillard, president, Association of Alberta Registry Agents and Jeff Kasbrick, vice-president, Government & Stakeholder Relations, Alberta Motor Association.

Since the government-run road test model was introduced in March 2019, Albertans seeking certain licence classes have experienced lengthy wait times for driver examination services. The government is taking steps to reduce wait times by increasing the number of road tests available in the province.

Alberta Transportation will be requesting applications for qualified individuals from outside of government to be licensed to deliver road tests. These licensed driver examiners will expand the capacity of the existing publicly run model, help to reduce wait times and improve overall driver examination services in Alberta in the short term.

“The previous government blew up the old system and rushed implementation of the public model, causing months of delays for Albertans seeking a road test. Some Albertans are waiting up to 12 weeks for an exam. This is unacceptable. We are taking action  to reduce wait times by licensing more examiners, while we continue to review options for a long-term, permanent system that delivers services at a level Albertans expect.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“As I travelled around Alberta during my summer tour, the No. 1 concern that registry agents raised was the lengthy and unacceptable delays in scheduling a driver’s test. This is a positive first step toward ensuring registry agents and Albertans can rely on more timely service.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta

“Wait times for Alberta's road tests have risen significantly from a few days to several months, following the changes made in March 2019. This is incredibly frustrating to Albertans who rely on this important service. We are pleased that Minister McIver and his staff are swiftly responding with interim measures to reduce the backlog. On behalf of our 207 registry agents across the province, we are committed to working with Minister McIver to develop a long-term, professional road test model that will offer Albertans a safe and reliable road test experience and, at the same time, restore Alberta to its position as the province with the lowest wait times in Canada.”

Craig Couillard, president, Alberta Association of Registry Agents

“Learning to drive is an important life milestone and after all the studying and practice, Albertans deserve timely access to a road test in their own community. We appreciate the government’s action to license additional driver examiners from outside of government and are hopeful that this immediately helps to increase much-needed capacity within the system, as well as offering more choice for those booking their road test.”

Michelle Chimko, COO, Alberta Motor Association

Driver examiners employed by the Government of Alberta will continue to provide road tests across the province. Licensed driver examiners will help conduct road tests to increase the total number of road tests available.

Alberta Transportation will continue its overall review of the government-run road test model with the goal of establishing long-term improvements for the delivery of driver examination services.

Quick facts

  • On average, Albertans historically seek approximately 14,000 road tests each month, with a peak during summer when demand spikes to about 20,000 tests each month.
  • The government has taken action to increase driver examination services and address problems, including hiring and training more than 150 government driver examiners and authorizing overtime to help meet demand.
  • Initially, the government intends to license approximately 20 driver examiners to address the wait times, and then evaluate demand and reassess.
  • Licensed driver examiners will not be government employees. They will work in regions where demand for road tests is highest, such as Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Individuals with driver examiner experience will be given preference. Clean records (i.e. no record of suspensions, investigations or other disciplinary actions) prior to March 1 2019, are mandatory.
  • Information about how to apply for a licence can be found online. Screening and evaluation of applicants will include criminal record checks and a review of past conduct. Successful applicants will be subject to all government standards for professional conduct.
  • Albertans will continue to be able to book all road tests online through the Alberta Road Test Scheduler.