Modernizing auto insurance

Associate Minister Hunter announces a red tape reduction initiative with Celyeste Power, Western Insurance Bureau of Canada, Rob Jesso, Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company and George Hodgson, Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta.

Since the Red Tape Reduction Actwas passed this spring, the province has made significant progress and cut red tape across government. The latest initiative, now in effect, allows automobile insurers in Alberta the option of offering drivers a new way to access and provide their proof of automobile insurance – by displaying it on a mobile device.

“For too long, Albertans have been faced with unnecessary regulatory burdens that are slowing down Alberta’s economy. We have more work ahead of us but we are making progress in reaching our goal of cutting red tape by one-third. Together, we are working with Albertans to create more opportunity for businesses and are creating jobs by working towards making Alberta one of the freest and fastest-moving economies in the world.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

Supported by stakeholders, this latest initiative comes after consultations with provincial insurance companies and allows for greater consumer choice as a safe, efficient and reliable means for Albertans to access their proof of automobile insurance without the hassle of a paper copy.

“The insurance industry welcomes the government announcement that will allow digital proof of insurance in Alberta. We are supportive of any changes that help make insurance easier and more accessible for Alberta’s three million drivers. Electronic commerce is available in most other sectors and much needed in the insurance sector. Already, many U.S. states and two other provinces allow digital proof of insurance and we anticipate other provinces will follow. We look forward to continuing to work with the government to bring more choice and innovation to Alberta drivers.”

Celyeste Power, vice-president Western, Insurance Bureau of Canada

“The Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta is happy to see the announcement that the Alberta government is allowing for the electronic delivery of proof of insurance, otherwise known as digital pink cards. Digital pink cards are securely stored on a phone in the custody of the phone’s owner and safely away from thieves if a vehicle is broken into and/or stolen. This is a great step forward.”

George Hodgson, CEO, Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta

“AMA Insurance Company is pleased that Alberta motorists can now access their insurance pink cards digitally. The opportunity of having real-time proof of insurance without having to worry about switching out paper cards is not only a convenience, but also delivers added safety and confidence for all road users. At AMA Insurance, we believe that insurance should be modern and uncomplicated, and this announcement marks another important step forward towards that goal.”

Rob Jesso, COO, AMA Insurance Company

Insurance companies will be responsible for creating and providing applications for enabling digital proof of insurance and the timeline for implementation will depend on the insurer. Consumers will be able to continue with the original option of the traditional paper-based system if they prefer.

The red tape reduction actions to date have been a direct and positive result of the passing of the Red Tape Reduction Act. Items of note include:

  • Relaxed alcohol consumption rules for parks, campgrounds and festivals.
  • Simplified banking opportunities to allow non-profits easier access to funding, allowing them to focus on delivering important programs and services.
  • Removed hurdles for seniors, enabling automatic enrolment of AISH program recipients to Seniors Benefits.

Feedback and suggestions from Albertans will continue to be accepted online at In addition, the government has launched the first two Red Tape Reduction Industry Panels, which are providing valuable insight into the red tape that is holding back various sectors of Alberta’s economy.

By working together with Albertans – job creators, families and businesses – the province is finding more ways to improve government efficiency and get Alberta working again.  

Quick facts

  • To date, more than 2,400 submissions have been received on the red tape reduction website at
  • Ministries are taking inventory and analyzing the regulatory burden imposed on Albertans and businesses, modernizing regulation requirements, processes, forms, and policies, and eliminating those that are unnecessary.
  • The Canadian Federation of Independent Business estimates that in 2017, the cost for businesses in Alberta to comply with regulations was about $4.4 billion.