This release was issued under a previous government.

The Local Authorities Election Act establishes the framework for local elections in the province and is traditionally reviewed following each municipal election cycle.

“We’re looking to Albertans to help us decide how local elections are run. We want to gauge Albertans’ interest in bringing municipal campaign rules in line with the rules we put in place to take big money out of provincial politics. I encourage Albertans to visit our website and provide their input on how we can make municipal elections fairer and more transparent.”

Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Government wants to hear from you

Albertans are invited to complete an online survey and provide their comments by July 31.

Topics covered in the consultation include:

  • campaign contributions and finances
  • campaign expenses
  • third-party advertising
  • school board trustee elections
  • voter identification
  • advance votes
  • residency requirements

In addition to the public survey, government will consult with key stakeholders, including municipalities, school boards, Metis Settlements and irrigation districts.

Based on the feedback, proposed changes may be introduced in a future session of the legislature.