This release was issued under a previous government.

After consultation, a clear definition of hazardous work has been developed along with a preliminary light work list. The government is looking to hear from Albertans on how these changes will ensure the health and safety of young workers.

“Our priority has always been to make sure young workers don’t get hurt while on the job. Our updated labour laws mean young Albertans will have better protection while increasing job opportunities through training and mentorship. To do this, we’re asking for feedback on the proposed modernized rules, so that we get this right.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

Youth employment rules were included in an extensive review of Alberta’s labour laws that took place over the past 18 months. This was the most extensive review of Alberta’s labour laws since 1988.

Youth, guardians and employers can provide feedback until June 29 by emailing [email protected]. The intention is to make these changes come into effect September 1.

The preliminary list was created based on consultation, where government received thousands of submissions from employers, business organizations, labour organizations, municipalities, academics and advocacy groups.

The proposed changes will strengthen protections for young workers.

The proposed changes include:

  • Youth aged 13 to 14 can take jobs on the light work list such as food assembly and retail. Employers need a permit to hire them for work not on the light work list.
  • Fifteen-year-olds can continue to do most jobs except for hazardous work.
  • On farms and ranches, waged, non-family youth age 13 to 15 can do any work that is not hazardous. The rules do not apply to family, friends and neighbours.
  • Volunteering, babysitting, collecting eggs and doing farm chores are not considered employment and are not affected.