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Making child care more affordable for families

Two-year-old Avery applauds as Premier Notley announces new daycare centres across Alberta.

A further 100 Early Learning and Child Care Centres (ELCC) are opening, in addition to the 22 centres already operating in Alberta.

Premier Rachel Notley announced 82 locations where existing programming will soon transition to $25-a-day child care. Another 18 new centres will be added in future months as additional programs are licensed and obtain not-for-profit status. In total Budget 2018 supports 7,300 affordable child care spaces in communities all across the province.

“Families shouldn’t have to choose between buying groceries and being able to afford a daycare spot for their child. By creating affordable child care spaces, we’re helping thousands of families keep more money in their pockets.”

Rachel Notley, Premier 

The 100 additional centres will provide parents with nearly five times as many affordable options as currently exist and will create approximately 400 child care jobs. The program expansion will also help 1,400 people re-enter the workforce and parents are expected to save an average of $425 every month. 

“As a mom, I know how hard it can be to find quality child care that doesn’t break the bank. These new centres will make an incredible difference for working parents by providing high-quality child care at a price they can afford, creating hundreds of jobs and opening up options for a brighter future.”

Danielle Larivee, Minister of Children’s Services

“My daughter is experiencing care in a setting that sets a solid foundation for her future while providing my family with financial peace of mind, supportive caregivers and access to resources when we need them. I am thrilled that other families will share in this experience as this pilot continues. I am thankful for access to affordable, quality child care.”

Brianna Vere, parent

The expansion is thanks in part to a bilateral agreement with the Government of Canada, which will see the federal government invest $136 million over three years to expand Alberta’s program. In addition to $10 million announced last year, the province will invest an additional $4.5 million towards the expansion.

Child care programs from across Alberta were invited to apply to become a $25-a-day centre through an Expression of Interest process. In total, 160 applications were received and reviewed by regional selection committees.

Quick facts

The Government of Alberta now supports 122 ELCC Centres across the province.

  • Northwest Region – 13 centres, 824 spaces
  • Northeast Region – 4 centres, 222 spaces
  • North Central Region – 15 centres, 820 spaces
  • Edmonton Region – 35 centres, 2,058 spaces
  • Central Region – 15 centres, 767 spaces
  • Calgary Region – 30 centres, 2,018 spaces
  • South Region – 10 centres, 567 spaces

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