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Misericordia hospital gets new emergency department 38883

Minister Hoffman tours the Misericordia emergency department with Tana Fish and Patrick Dumelie

“Our government is proud to fix problems ignored by the previous government for far too long. We know the community has been waiting years for improvements at the Misericordia. We are listening and making life better for patients and hospital staff with this investment. Projects like these also make life better for our workforce by creating good jobs that put our skilled tradespeople to work.”

Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health

More than 51,000 patients visited the Misericordia emergency in 2015-16, double the capacity of the 48-year-old facility. Construction of the new emergency department will begin by late 2018 after the project scope and competitive bid process are finished. The current emergency department will remain open during construction to ensure patient care is uninterrupted.

“We are grateful to government for this good news for our patients, our care teams and the people of Edmonton. Funding for a new emergency department is a major step forward towards a modern, vibrant Misericordia that meets the needs of the communities in west Edmonton and beyond for generations to come.”

Patrick Dumelie, Covenant Health president and CEO

The province is also addressing the backlog of deferred maintenance at the hospital with Infrastructure Maintenance Program funding. Since 2015, more than $9 million has gone to improvements for elevators, water systems, fire alarms and sprinklers. These kinds of improvements will continue with approximately $6 million in 2017-18.

“A newly built, modern emergency department at the Misericordia is exciting for our team. Having an emergency department that meets space requirements and care needs of our patients will allow us to provide dignified compassionate care to the people we serve."

Tana Fish, program manager of emergency services, Misericordia Hospital

Quick facts

  • There were 51,214 emergency visits at the Misericordia in 2015-16.
  • The current ER was built in 1969.
  • The last major renovation to the ER was in 1989. 

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