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Alberta Emergency Alert - Water Supply Alert Updated

Advisory alert details

Advisory - Alberta Emergency Alert - Water Supply Alert Updated

Apr 19, 2017 at 03:44 PM

From: Red Deer County

Issued: Apr 19, 2017 at 03:44 PM


Area: Red Deer County

Description: The Hamlet of Springbrook - There has been a fire at the Springbrook airport water pump house. This has caused a water disruption for the hamlet of Springbrook. Please see Alberta Health Services Boil Water Advisory effective immediately UPON THE RESTORATION of water services for Springbrook. For inquiries, please go to or call Red Deer County at 403.350.2150

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has issued a boil water order to the County of Red Deer and EPCOR, covering the Community of Springbrook, located in Red Deer County about 10 km south of the City of Red Deer. Safety of the drinking water from the Springbrook water system may have been compromised due to a fire at the pumphouse. Consumption of the water without first boiling may result in illness. As such, effective immediately UPON THE RESTORATION of water service, EPCOR advises that ALL users of Springbrook's drinking water supply bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to any consumption, including: drinking, cleaning raw foods, brushing teeth, preparing infant formula or juices, making ice and hand washing dishes. Water used for bathing, or for laundering of clothing, does not need to be boiled. Residents may instead choose to purchase and consume bottles water for the duration of this order. This order will remain in effect until further notice.

Instruction: Do not consume. Take all necessary precautions. Boil water - bring water to a rapid rolling boil for one minute prior to use. Drink bottled water only. Follow the directions of local authorities.

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