“The federal Liberal and NDP coalition has passed draconian legislation that will irreparably harm Canadian’s ability to hear the truth about the energy industry and Alberta’s successes in reducing global emissions.

“Alberta is a global leader in the complex effort to reduce emissions from our energy industry while delivering the resources our nation and the world need to live and thrive. We need a lucid partner in Ottawa that is willing to work with us and not demonize one of Canada’s largest employers and industries.

“Bill C-59, when it receives royal assent, will prevent private entities from sharing truthful and evidence-based information that happens to oppose the extreme and untruthful oil and gas narrative of the federal NDP and Liberals. This is being done to intentionally intimidate boards and shareholders, silence debate, and amplify the voices of those who oppose Canada’s world leading energy industry.

“Indeed, it would appear to be part of an agenda to create chaos and uncertainty for energy investors for the purpose of phasing out the energy industry altogether. Ironically, this kind of absurd authoritarian censorship will only work to stifle many billions in investments in emissions reducing technologies – the very technologies the world needs to reduce emissions while avoiding energy poverty for billions around the world.

“We’re already seeing the NDP-Liberal coalition’s plan play out as organizations like Pathways Alliance and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers are making difficult decisions to remove websites, reduce available information, and cease advertising out of fear that if they do not comply with the narrative of eco-extremists like Minister Stephen Guilbeault and Jagmeet Singh, their companies will face tens of millions in penalties. This is a direct consequence of the new legislation and is not related to the truth and accuracy of our environmental communications.

“We have won in court before against this lawless government, and we will win again if needed. Alberta’s government is actively exploring the use of every legal option, including a constitutional challenge or the use of the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act to protect the free speech rights of all Alberta workers, leaders and companies in our world-class energy sector.

“We will continue to relentlessly defend our province, its people, their free speech rights and their livelihoods without pause or apology.”