“The federal Liberal government will not decide what happens with Alberta’s land or resources. Any plan for our province must reflect the social, economic and environmental values of Albertans, not Ottawa; especially when Ottawa’s ultimate goal is to sterilize our land and resources, which hinders economic opportunity and resource development projects before they can even be proposed.

“While the federal government has a role to play in helping with the work to conserve lands, air, water, and wildlife for the future, they do not run our province. This report is yet another example of Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault blatantly ignoring the Canadian constitution and pretending to engage with provinces to carry out his radical, ideological agenda.

“Federal lands account for only six per cent of Canada’s landmass, while 76 per cent are provincial and territorial. Despite this, the federal government is setting targets and making grand plans that they cannot execute, as it is once again outside their area of jurisdiction. Their nature strategy overlooks provincial perspectives and raises further concerns about federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction.

“Ottawa needs to stay in its own lane. Albertans - including communities, Indigenous people, farmers, ranchers, hunters, resource workers and stewards of our beautiful province - will decide how to best manage provincial lands.

“We will continue working to develop a made-in-Alberta nature strategy to conserve Alberta’s lands, air, water and wildlife for generations to come.”