“The Canada Electricity Advisory Council's latest report echoes Alberta's long-standing warning: Ottawa's one-size-fits-all electricity regulations are a dangerous, costly and unrealistic path to failure.

“For over two years, provinces, utilities, businesses and Canadians have demanded federal electricity regulations that reduce emissions without sacrificing affordability and reliability. Yet the federal government has stubbornly stuck to its plans to implement unrealistic targets for a net-zero grid by 2035, regardless of the costs and risks to Albertans.

“Now the federal government’s own expert advisory body is sounding the alarm. The Canada Electricity Advisory Council is calling for less ideology and more common sense, rejecting rigid mandates that ignore regional realities. Alberta is rapidly decarbonizing its grid, but we refuse to gamble with winter blackouts and crippling energy bills.

“This federally appointed committee recognizes that the arbitrary 2035 deadline is unrealistic and unattainable – and has instead recommended that the federal government support the development of provincial and territorial energy roadmaps for a net-zero or carbon-neutral energy system by 2050.

“We urge the federal government to listen to this report and to the many concerns raised by Canadians, industry and provinces across the country. Abandon the reckless 2035 targets and partner with us to build a modern, reliable and affordable electricity grid that truly serves Canadians.

“Alberta already has a plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 – the federal government should work with us to achieve this goal.”

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