Albertans with disabilities deserve to have safe and reliable access to public buildings and spaces everywhere they go. To ensure safe and reliable access, it is critical that provincial and national partners work together to improve accessibility in Alberta communities. In order to collaborate and co-ordinate efforts to further develop accessibility standards for provincial building codes, Alberta’s government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Accessibility Standards Canada.

“We are pleased to be working more closely with Accessibility Standards Canada to support our commitment to creating more accessible, inclusive communities. Accessibility standards in our building codes means greater accessibility in all our communities, and I’m grateful to our partners for helping us advance accessibility in Alberta.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Accessibility Standards Canada is a federal organization responsible for developing standards, advancing accessibility research and sharing information about accessibility. Through this partnership, Accessibility Standards Canada and Alberta’s government are better positioned to deliver on the mutual goal to improve accessibility in building development – whether that’s homes, community facilities or other buildings.

Under the agreement, Alberta’s government and Accessibility Standards Canada may share research and results, as well as work together on developing and implementing accessibility standards. By advancing standards for barrier-free design, Alberta can help eliminate barriers to accessibility and improve safety and quality of life for people with sensory, cognitive, communication and physical disabilities.

“At Accessibility Standards Canada, we wholeheartedly welcome this agreement with the Province of Alberta. It will help advance equity and accessibility for all people with disabilities. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity fuels our work, and we take pride in our shared vision. By aligning our efforts to achieve an accessible society, regardless of jurisdiction, we are doing what is right. Thank you to the Province of Alberta for actively participating in this momentum toward a barrier-free Canada.”

Philip Rizcallah, chief executive officer, Accessibility Standards Canada

“Ensuring all people, regardless of ability, have access to public and private spaces is a cornerstone of all accessibility work. The Premier’s Council is pleased to see government listening to the voices of the disability community and taking this step forward in jurisdictional collaboration and appreciate the dedication this shows to inclusion for all Albertans.”

Dominic Shaw, chair, Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Quick Facts

  • The Alberta government is responsible for administering provincial legislation that relates to people with disabilities and accessibility.
  • In Alberta, accessibility requirements in buildings are contained in the Alberta edition of the National Building Code, which is adopted by regulation under the Safety Codes Act.
  • Alberta’s safety codes establish a minimum standard for the safe design, construction and accessibility of buildings in the province.
  • Alberta’s Safety Codes Council includes a barrier-free sub-council that helps make recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs on issues related to barrier-free access. Organizations represented on the council include persons with disabilities groups, seniors, designers and municipal associations.

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