The Port of Prince Rupert, which is operated by the Prince Rupert Port Authority, is of strategic interest to Alberta’s trade with other countries. In 2022, $3.8 billion of Alberta’s merchandise exports (primarily propane, agricultural products and wood pulp) were shipped via the Port of Prince Rupert.

Alberta’s government is providing a $250,000 grant to the Prince Rupert Port Authority to coordinate the Industrial Heartland to British Columbia Economic Corridor Forum. This project will focus on the highway and railway corridor between the Industrial Heartland and Prince Rupert, recognizing the Port of Prince Rupert’s importance for the export of Alberta products.

“Establishing this forum is crucial to gaining access to tidewater for Alberta’s commodities, including energy, agriculture and forestry projects. Working with CN and other industry and community partners, the Prince Rupert Port Authority will look at opportunities to expand this economic corridor. It will provide ways to expand market access for our products.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

In facilitating this project, the Prince Rupert Port Authority will invite participation from industry organizations, associations, municipalities and Indigenous communities, as well as other transportation and logistics experts, to explore opportunities along this vital corridor.

“Alberta has always been a significant export origin for the Port and promises to be even more so as the Port expands its capacity and capabilities. The Prince Rupert Port Authority welcomes the opportunity to work with the Government of Alberta and supply chain partners to engage with key stakeholders to proactively identify and analyze strategic opportunities and challenges that come with facilitating future growth."

Shaun Stevenson, president & CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority

The forum will help determine and prioritize issues, identify opportunities and develop recommendations related to the Highway 16 corridor between the Industrial Heartland near Edmonton and British Columbia. Recommendations are expected to be provided to Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors.

“Improving efficient, cost-effective and resilient supply chains to export products to port and beyond is critical to improving the competitiveness of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland (AIH). Billions of dollars of future investment are dependent on Alberta-made and value-added energy products through West Coast ports to global customers. The forum is a critical strategy to unleash AIH’s potential to enhance our international competitiveness.”

Mark Plamondon, executive director, Alberta Industrial Heartland Association