Alberta’s seniors need access to safe, secure and affordable homes and Alberta’s government is committed to ensuring that happens.

Through Budget 2024, Alberta’s government is providing a funding increase of $20 million through the Lodge Assistance Program to help seniors lodge operators support low-income residents. This represents a funding increase of more than 50 per cent and brings the total investment to $60 million. This funding will go a long way towards empowering Alberta’s seniors lodge operators, who play a critical role in providing affordable housing options for seniors across the province. 

“Ensuring our seniors have access to safe, secure and affordable homes is not only a duty, but a moral imperative. Seniors are pillars of our communities, and they deserve our respect and support for the contributions they've made throughout their lives. Our government will continue to stand up for seniors and ensure that they are supported through our programs. Seniors lodges play an essential role in our housing system and empowering them to provide the services Albertans rely on is vital to supporting communities across our province.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services.

The Seniors Lodge Program is Alberta’s oldest social housing program. The program provides meals, housekeeping services and recreational opportunities for independent seniors. The Lodge Assistance Program provides operators with funding to help ensure they have the supports needed to provide these services to low-income seniors.

By investing in seniors lodge programs, Alberta’s government is ensuring seniors across the province have access to safe, secure and affordable homes, while also fostering environments where they can thrive, maintain their dignity and continue to actively participate in their communities.

“Silvera for Seniors is grateful for the Alberta government's commitment to the Seniors Lodge Program. We believe the lodge program is essential, not only for offering affordable housing for low-income seniors but also for ensuring older adults are supported to live independently and not living in hospitals or long-term care facilities when all they need is supportive living. During a time of high inflation, the government's additional funding through the Lodge Assistance Program is critical and appreciated.”

Arlene Adamson, chief executive officer, Silvera for Seniors

To further support seniors, Alberta’s government announced a seniors lodge review panel in January to assess the program and offer recommendations for improvement. The panel continues to work closely with seniors and lodge providers to review how we can improve seniors lodges and facilities and ensure efficiency and sustainability into the future.

Quick facts

  • There are 11,000 seniors lodge units in Alberta, of which about 4,850 are in rural communities.
  • Lodge providers can now claim $20.50 per day per eligible low-income resident under this grant program, compared to $13.23 dollars under Budget 2023 – a 55 per cent increase.
  • Under the Alberta Housing Act, seniors living in government-supported lodges must be left with at least $357 in monthly disposable income after paying the monthly lodge rate. This amount is indexed to inflation.

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