Alberta’s spring session kicked off at the end of February with the tabling of Budget 2024: A Responsible Plan for a Growing Province, the third consecutive balanced budget in the province. The budget set the theme of the session, laying out the government priorities of building safe communities, strengthening health care and managing resources wisely to support our growing province, including contributing to the Heritage Savings Trust Fund.

This session, Alberta’s government took strong action to protect Alberta families and communities. The Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act establishes 24/7 ankle bracelet monitoring for offenders and individuals on bail who pose a risk to public safety and protects Albertans by creating stronger measures to keep offenders away from their victims. The Emergency Statutes Amendment Act ensures that in emergency situations, the government is best able to respond to keep Alberta families and communities safe.

“Alberta’s government is dedicated to ensuring Alberta remains the best place to live, work, invest and raise a family — and the legislation passed this spring will help do just that. From increasing affordability by reducing utility bills for Alberta families to ensuring our communities are healthy and safe, I am proud of the work done this session to deliver for Albertans.”

Joseph Schow, Government House Leader

The government’s work to improve and refocus health care in Alberta continued through the passage of two bills. The Health Statutes Amendment Act enables the transition from one regional health authority to an integrated system of sector-based provincial health agencies. This will set the stage for the creation of a system that prioritizes the needs of Albertans and ensures patients are receiving the care they need, when and where they need it. Alberta’s government also reaffirmed its commitment to building a robust recovery-based system of care for mental health and addiction through the Canadian Centre of Recovery Excellence Act.  

This session Alberta’s government passed thirteen bills, fulfilled multiple platform commitments and delivered on the strong mandate received from Albertans one year ago.

Other highlights

  • The Consumer Protection (Life Leases) Amendment Act increases consumer protections for Albertans in life leases and ensures that contracts are consistent with life lease housing operators.
  • The Real Property Governance Act modernizes the management of government properties.
  • The Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act amends 12 pieces of legislation from ten ministries to further reduce red tape and save time and money for Albertans.
  • The Provincial Priorities Act ensures federal tax dollars are spent in partnership with provincial tax dollars – on priorities that matter to Albertans.
  • The Utilities Affordability Statutes Amendment Act makes utility bills more affordable by lowering and stabilizing local access fees.
  • The Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act makes local elections processes more transparent and local elected officials more accountable to the people they represent.
  • The passing of the first Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act resolution ensures Albertans are protected from future brownouts, blackouts and soaring electricity costs.