Trail on Public Land

Trail on Public Land

Thousands of Albertans enjoy the hundreds of unique trail experiences that Alberta’s Crown land offers hikers, cyclists, cross-country skiers and equestrian users. Through Alberta’s Public Land Trails Grant Program, the government will provide 14 trail organizations with funding to continue to build and maintain Alberta’s most loved trails.

“Alberta’s recreational trails are enjoyed and valued by many generations. This investment will build on previously announced funding. As an outdoorsman myself, I’m happy to see such strong uptake of this grant program by trail organizations across Alberta. Taking care of our land is a responsible thing to do and is very important to me.”

Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks

Alberta’s government is excited to appoint the Great Divide Trail Association and the Hinton Mountain Bike Association as official trail managers. Albertans taking care of Alberta, volunteers with these organizations will continue their work to keep trails safe, accessible, and work to ensure there are sufficient high-quality and low-cost recreation opportunities for Albertans and visitors to enjoy.

“Becoming an Alberta Trail Manager for the Great Divide Trail is an important step forward as we work towards our vision for the trail's long-term protection. We look forward to continued collaboration with Alberta’s government to maintain, protect, and promote the Great Divide Trail and its wilderness value for generations to come.”

Kate Hamilton, executive director, Great Divide Trail Association

“This partnership provides the Hinton Mountain Bike Association with clear direction on maintaining our trail networks and the funding allows us to complete projects that were a challenge or on a wish list in the past. These two opportunities are allowing us to replace and construct small bridges and boardwalks over wet areas and will keep us supplied with hand tools to keep trails in prime condition.”

Hal Jackson, president, Hinton Mountain Bike Association

Alberta's trails offer opportunities for everyone, and Alberta's government is pleased this ongoing funding will maintain trails for years to come.

Projects recommended for funding:



Grant Funding

9-Mile Recreation Society

Ski trail safety improvements for seniors


Alberta Hiking Association

Hiking trail improvements and enhancements - Crowsnest Pass


Alberta Wagon Trekkers Association

Wagon trail maintenance and repair – Cuttoff Creek


Alberta Wagon Trekkers Association

Wagon trail maintenance and safety improvements - Panther


Argentia Beach Sports Recreation Parks and Wildlife Society

Trail maintenance and improvement


Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club

Ski trail grooming, maintenance, and signage


Hinton Mountain Bike Association

Mountain bike trail upkeep and maintenance


Nordegg Trail Society

Trail development and maintenance


Oldman Watershed Council

Education and outreach


Rainbow Equitation Society

Improve and maintain existing trails.


Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society

Equestrian trail re-opening and connections


United Riders of Crowsnest

Trail maintenance, improvement, and inventory


Willmore Wilderness Foundation

Trail clearing and maintenance


Kakwa Sherman Trails Society

Trail assessment and maintenance





Quick facts

  • The Ministry of Forestry and Parks established Alberta’s Public Land Trails Grant Program in 2022 to provide funding opportunities for recreation partners.
  • In 2022-23, 15 partner organizations received a total of $1.18 million for non-motorized trail projects.
  • Albertans spend $2.3 billion on Crown land recreation annually, and another $376 million on recreation equipment and accessories.
  • There are approximately 7,000 km of provincially designated trails in Alberta.

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