The province is building the homes Albertans need. New data from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows total housing starts in Alberta have reached 13,560 to date from January to April 2024 – setting a new record for the most new homes under construction during this time in Alberta’s history. April was an especially strong month, with 3,816 housing starts reported, with one third being rental homes. This growth means that housing starts in Alberta increased by more than 60 per cent in April 2024 from April 2023, while the rest of Canada is seeing a decrease of almost 10 per cent over the same period.

With Alberta’s growing population, more housing options are needed and that’s why Alberta has been working hard to remove barriers and empower our housing partners to get shovels in the ground faster. A recent report by ATB Financial shows that the province has also set a record for the most building permits issued during the first quarter of 2024 – which underscores Alberta’s commitment to sustaining this historic growth.

“This unprecedented growth shows the province is leading the country in having the fewest roadblocks and fastest permit approval times to enable housing construction and increase the supply of homes. We will continue to support our housing partners to make sure we can turn these starts into safe, secure and affordable homes ready for Albertans to move into.”  

Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services.

Alberta’s two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton have seen a significant boom in new homes under construction. In Calgary, there have been 1,831 housing starts in April 2024, growth of 57 per cent over April, 2023. Edmonton has seen 1,636 new housing starts in April 2024, an increase of 64 per cent over April, 2023. These housing starts are helping Alberta far outpace housing across the country.

"Alberta's significant increase in housing starts reflects industry's commitment in meeting the evolving needs of our growing population. By streamlining processes and removing barriers, builders are better equipped to meet demand promptly, ultimately providing more housing options for all Albertans. Progress to date underscores the collaborative efforts between government and industry to address our province's housing shortage effectively."

Scott Fash, CEO, BILD Alberta Association

Alberta’s government continues to support builders and encourage new residential housing construction by reducing red tape, incentivizing housing construction as well as supporting innovative strategies to build more homes faster.

Alberta’s government is also making progress on its Stronger Foundations affordable housing strategy to make sure those most vulnerable in the province have a safe, stable and affordable place to live. The province is on track to support a total of 82,000 low-income households by 2031.

Quick facts

  • Increase in Alberta rental starts:
    • 25,447 in the three years between 2021 - 2023
    • 25,285 in the 15 years between 2006 - 2020 
  • ATB Financial’s recent OWL report also shows that 40 per cent more building permits have been issued in the first quarter of 2024 (January to March) – an all-time record in Alberta’s history.
  • In addition, as of March 31, 2024 Alberta’s government has committed:
    • $179 million to 1,187 units of affordable housing. Construction on these projects is not yet underway.
    • $67.5 million to 435 units of affordable housing that are currently under construction.
    • $39.2 million to 166 units of affordable housing that have been completed since December 2023.
    • Together with its partners, Alberta is supporting $9 billion in investments into affordable housing to support 25,000 additional low-income households by 2031.

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