Multiculturalism can include ethnicity, language, country of origin and religious identity, among other things. To help celebrate the province’s diversity, Albertans can now search dates of religious, civic and cultural special days in a comprehensive multicultural event calendar on the government website.

“Diversity is one of Alberta’s greatest strengths and makes this province a great place to live and work. As Alberta’s population becomes increasingly diverse, it is vital to promote, recognize and celebrate multiculturalism and foster a more inclusive province for all who call Alberta home.”

Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

Alberta’s government is committed to building a province where all cultural origins, languages, and faiths are valued and respected.

Quick facts

  • Statistics Canada data from 2021 shows 1,161,420 Albertans (27.8 per cent of Alberta’s population) identify as a visible minority. In Alberta:
    • Filipinos make up one of the largest visible minority groups, the majority of whom are Catholics or belong to another Christian faith.
    • There are 202,535 Muslims of various cultural heritage, including South Asian, Arab and African.
    • South Asians make up 297,650 of visible minorities, which include followers of the Sikh (103,600) and Hindu (78,520) faiths.
    • Other faith groups include Buddhist (42,830) and Jewish (11,390).

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