Two years ago, after extensive consultation, the province released sub-regional plans that support environmental stewardship, economic growth and strong communities in the Bistcho Lake and Cold Lake sub-regions. Alberta’s government continues to support caribou recovery and responsible development in northern Alberta.

An online survey is now available, allowing Albertans to provide input on the draft regulatory details that will help guide conservation and development in the Bistcho Lake and Cold Lake areas. Albertans, Indigenous communities and industry are invited to have their say.

“Environmental protection and responsible development go hand-in-hand. These regulations will support conservation and caribou recovery while supporting growing communities in northern Alberta. Now, we want to hear directly from Albertans to make sure these regulations are as effective as possible.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

The Bistcho Lake and Cold Lake sub-regional plans are the first two of 11 sub-regional plans covering 15 caribou ranges being developed in Alberta. They were developed after extensive consultation with Indigenous partners, Albertans, industry and others. These plans help enable caribou recovery while also supporting conservation, Indigenous traditional use, recreation and economic development.

Now, regulatory details are being proposed to help put these plans into action. They provide the rules, in legal language, for enforcing policies laid out in the sub-regional plans. Public engagement will run until June 6. This feedback will be considered before finalizing the regulations and incorporating them through amendments to the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.

As this important work continues, government will continue working with Indigenous communities, local governments, industry and all Albertans as the Cold Lake and Bistcho Lake sub-regional plans are implemented in the years ahead.

Quick facts

  • The Bistcho Lake sub-region is located in the northwest part of the Lower Peace Region. This sub-region covers 20,093 square kilometres and overlaps the geographic area of Treaty 8.
  • The Cold Lake sub-region is in the southeast part of the Lower Athabasca Region. This sub-region covers 16,659 square kilometres and overlaps the geographic area of Treaties 6, 8 and 10.
  • More information about the draft regulatory details is available online at

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