“Economic developers embody the spirit of free enterprise and have an impact on their local economies by helping to create jobs, launch opportunities, drive innovation and strengthen economic competitiveness. They are community leaders and changemakers and they play a key role in maintaining the vibrancy and resiliency of Alberta’s economy.

“It is through the foundational work of economic development that all areas of our province – large and small – continue to grow and thrive. By working with job creators and implementing strategies that work for their communities, economic developers are ensuring Alberta remains the economic and job-creation engine of Canada.

“Over the last six months, 90 per cent of private sector jobs added across Canada were in Alberta. Last year, we led the country in per capita investment, attracting $176-billion worth of public and private dollars to our province. We have the ingenuity of this province’s economic developers to thank for championing those investments that generate jobs for hard-working Albertans.

“We continue building on this growth. Our Northern and Regional Economic Development program supports regional economic development and diversification, ensuring a thriving marketplace is built in every corner of Alberta. Our Small Community Opportunity Program is helping to build capacity in agriculture, small business and rural economic development, to ensure our economy remains strong in the future.

“Alberta’s economic developers play a valuable role in ensuring our province is the best place to live, work, invest, start or grow a business and raise a family. I want to thank them for all they do – this week and every week – to keep Alberta moving forward.” 

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