“This week is an opportunity to recognize the importance of mental health, taking care of yourself and those you love.

“Good mental health begins with wellness, which means creating healthy habits and investing time into worthwhile activities with friends and family.

“But there are also more complex cases of mental illness that impact Albertans of every age.

“Thankfully, we know recovery is possible. This does not mean symptoms will immediately go away, but you can still live a fulfilling, enjoyable life even when challenges exist.

“Our government will continue to invest in programs to create a healthier society – one that lifts people up and gives every individual an opportunity to pursue recovery.

“This Mental Health Week, take time to talk about your mental health with someone you trust. Take the opportunity to let your friends and family know you care and are ready to be a listening ear if they would like to talk.

“If you are struggling, I invite you to reach out. Professional support is available across the province to support you in your recovery.”

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