“In 1933, countries across Europe were home to about 9.5 million Jewish people. By 1950, only 3.5 million remained after the Nazis’ systematic murder of two out of every three European Jews. On Yom HaShoah, we remember the horrific events of the Holocaust and the antisemitism that allowed it to happen.

“In the years following the Second World War, as the global public learned of the atrocities that took place, the world committed to ‘Never Again.’ Never again would evil be permitted to go unchecked. Never again would the Jewish people be left alone to struggle against antisemitism.

“In our time, we all have the opportunity to stand up in support of ‘Never Again.’ In Canada and around the world, antisemitic protests are rampant. Some Jewish university students in the United States are not attending classes for safety reasons. Chants and signs in support of the horrific events of October 7 are becoming more commonplace.

“There is no room for hatred in Alberta. Today is an opportunity to show solidarity and reinforce our determination to stand against antisemitism, and all forms of hate and discrimination.

“Alberta is proud to be home to over 14,000 Jewish people. We join them in somber recognition of this day and stand with them in our shared commitment to strive for a world of peace and respect for all.”