Arenas, community centres and other facilities consume large amounts of energy. These facilities can be costly to operate and upgrades are often expensive to implement. With inflation and energy costs on the rise, many municipalities want to improve energy efficiency and save money.

Thanks to funding from the Alberta government, municipalities can now apply to the Community Energy Conservation Program to make energy-efficient upgrades to municipally owned buildings. This will help communities of all sizes save energy, lower energy costs and reduce emissions.

“We are helping municipalities make the practical upgrades they need to increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs. By making upgrades to rec centres, arenas and community halls, we can reduce emissions while supporting growing communities for years to come.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

Under the new Community Energy Conservation Program, up to $500,000 is available per municipality, including community-related organizations. The funding can be used for recreation centres, libraries, community halls, transit centres, fire halls and waste water treatment facilities, among others.

“Local facilities, from community halls to hockey rinks, are at the heart of every municipality in Alberta. Urban or rural, large or small or mid-sized, the municipalities of Alberta have been calling for an energy conservation program to make a difference in their communities. I am looking forward to seeing this program in action and to see the efficiencies and savings it will create at the local level.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Communities can apply for funding to help conduct energy audits of existing community facilities. They can also receive funding for a wide range of projects, including upgrading insulation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, interior and exterior lighting, and more. Municipalities are encouraged to visit the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s website for more information.

“This new program will ensure that municipalities of all sizes can continue building resilient communities. This investment is creating economic and environmental benefits that collectively support the transition to a low-carbon future.”

Trina Innes, executive director, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

"This funding will empower municipalities across Alberta to reduce emissions and energy costs in municipal buildings, thereby supporting sustainable and thriving communities for generations to come. Alberta Municipalities is proud to be the lead partner for the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and is thankful for the continued support from the Government of Alberta."

Tyler Gandam, president, Alberta Municipalities

The Community Energy Conservation Program is part of an $18-million investment by Alberta’s government to help reduce costs for municipalities through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. It is part of Alberta’s Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan, which is reducing emissions, creating jobs and supporting a strong economy.

“The Community Energy Conservation Program provides an opportunity for rural municipalities, which may otherwise not have access to funding, to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. This will allow rural municipalities to continue to fund their core services while reducing their energy usage.”

Kara Westerlund, vice-president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Quick facts

  • Applications for the Community Energy Conservation Program are now open and will close in March 2026, or when funding has been fully allocated, whichever comes first.
  • Under the program, funding will be provided through:
    • Energy audits: Up to 50 per cent of pre-GST energy audit costs (per facility), to a maximum of $7,500 for all municipal facilities.
    • Retrofit projects: Up to 50 per cent of project costs. Projects may receive 25 to 50 per cent of project costs depending on the abatement rate.
    • Retrofit project bonus: A bonus of 10 per cent project cost rebate will apply if a project results in a 20 per cent or greater reduction in facility-wide emissions.
  • Eligible costs include the equipment, materials, labour, installation, and project or construction management costs required to complete the project.
  • The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre was established in 2009 as a partnership between Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Alberta Municipal Affairs, Alberta Municipalities and Rural Municipalities of Alberta.
  • Through this partnership, the Government of Alberta invests in programs that provide funding, technical assistance and education to Alberta municipalities and community-related organizations to help lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Alberta’s government has provided more than $24 million to the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre since 2019. 

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