“Public services support families and our thriving communities. Alberta’s government truly values public services and the professionalism and dedication of the people who deliver them.

“Recently, the union representing government employees, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, told the government that they are demanding a 26 per cent wage increase over the next three years. The AUPE claims that government employee wages have fallen behind.

“Albertans, and indeed all Canadians, have not seen a wage increase of this size. The Conference Board of Canada found most working Albertans received a salary increase between 2 and 3 per cent in 2023 and 2024.

“The Alberta government approaches bargaining and wages from an evidence-based perspective. To do this, we look at similar jobs across the country to determine fair market wages. Looking across Canada, we do not see any publicly funded employees receiving the type of settlement the AUPE is demanding. To that end, the Government of Alberta’s in-going offer of 7.5 per cent over four years is a reasonable position that keeps the Alberta Public Service wages competitive with public sectors in other jurisdictions.

“Given the union’s extreme wage positions, working towards a fair and reasonable settlement in a timely manner will be difficult. The Alberta government will not increase taxes or cut programs, services, or workers to give unprecedented salary increases that will result in pay well above market rates. Rather, we must balance our ability to invest in programs and services Albertans rely on with fair and competitive compensation for workers.”