The privacy of Albertans is non-negotiable, and Alberta has the strongest privacy protections in Canada. Because choice and confidence in online services matter, Alberta’s government has signed an agreement with ATB Ventures to integrate Account into ATB’s Oliu™ platform. This integration will make it easier and safer for ATB clients to access documents and information.

Albertans will have the option to use their Account to verify their personal information when accessing services offered by Oliu™, allowing for a more easily accessible and streamlined experience. Oliu is ATB’s blockchain-based, verified identification service that provides clients with a secure and efficient way to access their accounts and records.

“This project empowers Albertans to choose how they access online services. It’s a great show of confidence that ATB is taking advantage of the secure Account to deliver value to its customers.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation

“At ATB Financial, we are proud to partner on this initiative which aims to deliver a more efficient and convenient online environment for Albertans. Enabling Albertans to leverage their verified Accounts for secure identity verification enhances digital access while prioritizing their privacy."

Dan Hugo, chief financial officer, ATB Financial

The first services that will accept Account using Oliu™ are expected to become available to Albertans later this year. Existing options to access Oliu, such as official documents and bank login credentials, will continue to support Albertans who do not have a verified Account or prefer alternate options.

Quick facts

  • Oliu™ offers real-time layered identity verification, privacy and control over personal identity data, and protection against fraud and theft.
  • As a component of the collaboration with the Government of Alberta, Oliu™ completed a thorough privacy impact assessment that was submitted to, and gained acceptance from, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC).
  • The Account solution will only share a user’s information with the services they choose to access. A program can only access the information it has the authority and need to collect.
    • This means that services cannot see information they don’t need, including information about any other services an Albertan may use.
    • Account is built with privacy in mind. It follows industry standard processes and procedures, and is subject to regular security scans, vulnerability scans, and consultations with Alberta’s OIPC. 
  • Albertans can use their verified Account to access more than 50 online services offered by the provincial and federal governments.

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