Reservoirs play a vital role in irrigation, drought management, water security and flood protection.

To help ensure all Albertans have a safe, reliable water supply, Hatch Ltd. will prepare a report on the feasibility of building the Eyremore Dam on the Bow River.

“We are taking a whole-government approach to managing and maintaining provincial water management infrastructure systems to make sure Albertans have access to the water they need when they need it. We are committed to examining whether the Eyremore Dam can be built and operated for a cost that provides true value to Albertans.”

RJ Sigurdson, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

Budget 2023 earmarked $5 million to assess the feasibility of construction of the Eyremore Dam and Reservoir on the Bow River. The project would be potentially located about 43 km downstream of the Bassano Dam, west of Brooks and Lake Newell. Hatch will begin the study immediately. The report is due in spring 2025.

“It is exciting to see this study begin. Right now, we're limited in our collective ability to manage water effectively and this study will examine how the proposed reservoir can correct that. A new multi-purpose reservoir at this location would revolutionize water management in the South Saskatchewan River Basin.”

Richard Phillips, general manager, Bow River Irrigation District

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