The Government of Alberta is introducing legislation that will require departments and government agencies, boards and commissions to offer surplus land and buildings back to government prior to sale. Currently, government properties are distributed across various departments and agencies and are not administered in a consistent and consolidated manner. This makes it challenging to support government’s priority investments. A single approach will allow government to be more strategic with its assets, while getting the best value for taxpayers’ dollars.

If passed, the Real Property Governance Act would increase transparency and reduce red tape by creating consistent rules across government for the disposal of property. It would also create a centralized inventory of public lands and buildings to help government better manage these assets for Albertans.

“This legislation brings accountability and transparency to the way government manages and sells its real property. If passed, disposals would be centrally approved with the help of a new, centralized inventory. This modernized governance approach ensures value for taxpayers and would enhance government’s ability to strategically resource priority projects for the benefit of Albertans.”

Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure

Additionally, Alberta Infrastructure will now lease buildings to agencies, boards and commissions rather than transferring or selling them. This keeps land and buildings under government control, allowing these assets to be repurposed for the benefit of Albertans at the end of the leasing period. 

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