“We are thrilled to hear about the sale of TC Energy’s Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project to the Nisga’a First Nation in British Columbia. This announcement is another incredible example of the important role Indigenous communities are playing as owners and partners in major development projects and the energy sector at large.

“Alberta continues working hard to improve liquefied natural gas (LNG) market access and establish the infrastructure foundation necessary to increase our exports to international markets. In the global fight to reduce emissions, LNG will play a key role in meeting emission targets and maintaining a secured energy future.

“The world needs Alberta energy. When completed, the PRGT will give Western Canada a better opportunity to get our responsibly-produced LNG to markets.

“Indigenous ownership is incredibility important, and we look forward to working with Nisga’a First Nation to push for Western Canadian LNG to be accepted and recognized in the fight to reduce global emissions. We hope to see more announcements like this in the future as we work towards energy security.”