Expanding and maintaining Alberta’s provincial road and bridge network connects communities, expands market access for local industry, and is needed for the province to continue being the economic engine of Canada. To achieve these goals, Budget 2024 would invest more than $8.1 billion for the Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors’ three-year Capital Plan, a $136.4-million increase compared with Budget 2023.

“Albertans need safe and efficient roads, highways, and bridges. They need new and upgraded water infrastructure. They need more so they can do more, and we will provide it through this year’s budget. We are investing in the public services and the transportation networks that families and communities rely on for both business and leisure.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

The total capital investment in this year’s budget includes $1.9 billion for planning, design and construction of major highway and bridge projects. This work will create tens of thousands of jobs across Alberta, improve traffic flow, and support the development of the province’s major trade corridors through projects such as twinning Highway 3 and Highway 11, and making safety and road improvements on Highway 881.

This capital investment funding also includes $151.2 million over three years for 56 engineering projects, including $100 million in new funding over three years for 36 engineering projects to address future infrastructure needs as our province continues to grow.

“Budget 2024 is focused on even more job creation and investment attraction, to maintain Alberta’s position as the economic engine of Canada. These investments will enhance Alberta’s competitive advantage by building and improving our economic corridors to provide vital links to markets in and out of Alberta. These projects will increase the safety and efficiency of our provincial highway network, improving travel for Albertans and commercial carriers in key industries.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

"I commend the province for honouring their commitment to twin Highway 3, and for reflecting that commitment in the 2024 budget along with major provincial transportation improvements. This investment is vital for facilitating the increased global trade of agri-food products from Alberta. Resilient transportation corridors like Highway 3 are essential for ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of Alberta and our nation."

Bill Chapman, president, Highway 3 Twinning Development Association

Budget 2024 also includes a proposed $1.7-billion investment over three years for capital maintenance and renewal, which extends the life of the province’s existing road and bridge network and helps industry create and maintain well-paying jobs.

In addition to new, improved, and maintained roads, Alberta’s government has allocated $4.2 billion for capital grants to municipalities over the next three years. This includes funding for LRT projects in Edmonton and Calgary, and planning for the funding commitment to bring Calgary’s Blue Line LRT extension closer to the airport.

“The Consulting Engineers of Alberta are pleased that Budget 2024 provides stable funding over the next three years for our province’s transportation infrastructure. We look forward to the enhanced focus on engineering to provide better planning and cost certainty in the Capital Plan.”

Ken Kozakewich, chief executive officer, Consulting Engineers of Alberta

The province’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program helps smaller municipalities improve critical local transportation infrastructure and is set to increase by $30 million to meet those local needs. At the same time, ongoing investments and new funding of $125 million in water and wastewater infrastructure programs will ensure Albertans in every community have reliable access to clean drinking water and effective wastewater services.

“Rural Alberta’s transportation network connects communities and supports the province’s economy. Continued Government of Alberta investment into provincial roads and bridges is excellent news for municipalities. The RMA looks forward to seeing the start of construction on many key projects throughout the province, and is confident they will contribute to economic growth across rural Alberta.”

Kara Westerlund, vice-president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Finally, Budget 2024 would provide nearly $312 million to build and repair water management infrastructure, including dams, spillways, canals and control structures. This investment provides irrigation for the agriculture sector and flood mitigation for Alberta communities.

“Budget 2024 builds economic corridors and puts Alberta on the road to economic diversification and enduring prosperity. These investments will connect our goods to markets and Albertans to opportunities. The benefits will flow for generations.”

Doug Paisley, board chair, Alberta Motor Transport Association

Budget 2024 is a responsible plan to strengthen health care and education, build safe and supportive communities, manage the province’s resources wisely and promote job creation to continue to build Alberta’s competitive advantage.