High-speed internet has become a basic, essential service. Yet, many people residing in rural, remote and Indigenous communities lack access to fast, reliable and affordable internet.

Alberta’s government is committed to full connectivity by 2027 so that everyone can access and connect to opportunities around the world.  

“Improving access to high-speed internet will level the playing field. I’m confident that we are on track to achieving our goal of connecting every single Alberta household to high-speed internet by 2027.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation

Through Alberta’s Broadband Strategy, the government is investing $390 million over five years in rural broadband service so Albertans can stay connected, improve digital literacy, support their livelihoods and improve access to education, health care and the global marketplace. The Government of Canada has committed to matching that investment dollar-for-dollar for a total of $780 million to improve access to high-speed internet in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

“Internet is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. That is why your government made a historic commitment to connect 98 per cent of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026. This announcement in Siksika Nation marks a significant milestone for internet connectivity in rural Alberta. This investment will provide reliable high-speed internet access to more than 22,500 underserved homes in 166 rural and remote communities in Alberta.”

Gudie Hutchings, federal Minister of Rural Economic Development

“Access to reliable internet is not just a convenience; it’s a modern-day necessity that connects us all to essential services, education and each other. On Siksika Nation, together with our government partners, we are not just bridging the digital divide; we are building pathways to a healthier, more connected future for all.”

Chief Ouray Crowfoot, Siksika Nation

“Alberta Municipalities is pleased to see the provincial and federal governments work together to improve high-speed internet connectivity across Alberta. It is exciting to see something for which we have long advocated is becoming a reality.”

Tyler Gandam, president, Alberta Municipalities

“RMA is pleased that the projects announced today will result in improved connectivity for many rural Albertans. This funding is an excellent example of collaboration between federal and provincial levels of government, allowing for investments into broadband projects. The support allocated to Yellowhead County and Red Deer County demonstrates the importance that municipalities place in broadband projects and the potential for rural municipalities to take on a larger role in delivering broadband services in the future. We look forward to the continued partnerships between all levels of government to secure broadband funding for those who are underserved.”

Paul McLauchlin, president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

"Access to high-speed internet is essential to build an inclusive economy for Alberta business. Connectivity in rural and remote areas is imperative to enhancing competitiveness and attracting opportunities. This investment will have a positive impact on businesses across our province."

Shauna Feth, president and chief executive officer, Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Since the Canada-Alberta Broadband Partnership Agreement was signed, Alberta and the federal government have so far awarded an estimated $211 million to 26 projects covering more than 33,000 households in 223 communities. The projects and funding have been awarded under the Universal Broadband Fund. Construction is underway on 17 of these projects across the province.  

Quick facts

  • Communities from the 14 projects announced March 5 that will benefit from improved internet speeds include:  

Funding recipient


Advanced Interactive inc. (Advintive)

Elizabeth Metis Settlement

Advanced Interactive inc. (Advintive)

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement

ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership

Wabasca No. 166D (Bigstone Cree First Nation), Wabasca No. 166A (Bigstone Cree Nation) (50458), Wabasca No. 166C (Bigstone First Cree Nation), Wabasca No. 166 (Bigstone Cree Nation), Wabasca No. 166B (Bigstone Cree Nation)

ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership

Paddle Prairie, Keg River, Carcajou

Bragg Communications Inc


Canadian Fiber Optics Corp.

Arcadia (Sucker Creek), Bay Tree, Blueberry Mountain, Bonanza, Enilda, Faust, Gordondale, Guy, High Prairie, Jean Côté, Joussard, Watino, Wanham, Whitburn, Woking, Falher, McLennan, Donnelly, Spirit River, Paddle Prairie, Girouxville

Eastern Irrigation District

Cassils, Rainier, Patricia, Millicent, Scandia, Gem, Rolling Hills, Tilley

G.P.N. Wireless Networks Solutions

Horse Lake First Nation

Iwantwireless.ca Ltd

St. Isidore, Falher, McLennan, Donnelly, Girouxville, Guy, Berwyn, Valleyview, Crooked Creek, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, Sturgeon Lake No.154A (Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation), Sturgeon Lake No.154 (Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation), Calais, Nampa, Peace River, Watino, Eaglesham, Wanham, Rycroft, Spirit River, Sunset House, Bezanson, DeBolt, Grimshaw, Jean Côté, Reno, Hilliard's Bay Estates, Tangent, Marie-Reine, Sturgeon Heights, Peoria, Little Smokey, Manning

Lemalu Holdings Ltd. (MCSnet)

Amesbury, Andrew, Ardrossan, Athabasca, Barrhead, Beauvallon, Bondiss, Breynat, Duvernay, Bruce, Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement, Cadogan, Caslan, Chauvin, Chipman, Clandonald, Derwent, Dewberry, Edgerton, Elk Point, Fabyan, Fawcett, Flatbush, Fort Assiniboine, Frog Lake, Furness, Glendon, Grassland, Hairy Hill, Hayter, Heinsburg, Hilliard, Hughenden, Hylo, Innisfree, Island Lake, Islay, Jarrow, Jarvie, Kehewin Cree Nation, Kikino, Kinsella, Lavoy, Lindbergh, Mannville, Marwayne, McLaughlin, Meanook, Mundare, Myrnam, Nakamun Park, Neerlandia, Onion Lake Cree Nation, Paradise Valley, Perryvale, Ranfurly, Rich Lake, Rochester, Spedden, St. Michael, St. Paul, Tofield, Tulliby Lake, Two Hills, Vegreville, Venice, Wandering River, Warwick, Whispering Hills, Willingdon, Evesham, Greenstreet, Hillmond, Lone Rock, Macklin, Northminster, Tangleflags

Red Deer County

Benalto, Blackfalds, Bowden, Central Park, Condor, Innisfail, Olds, Red Deer, Spruce Lane Acres, Sylvan Lake

Siksika Nation

Cluny, Gleichen, Namaka, Shouldice, Siksika, Siksika No. 146 (Siksika Nation)

Slave Lake Communications

Slave Lake

Yellowhead County

Brûlé Mines, Entrance, Evansburg, Marlboro, McLeod Valley, Niton Junction, Obed, Pine Shadows, Wildwood

  • The Universal Broadband Fund is a $3.225-billion federal government program that supports high-speed internet projects across the country and is key to implementing the Alberta Broadband Strategy.
  • Within three years of achieving universal coverage and adoption of services, the following economic outcomes are expected:  
    • Up to $1.7 billion in annual GDP growth. 
    • Up to five per cent GDP growth in the agricultural sector resulting from adoption of agricultural technologies. 
    • Up to 2,000 long-term service-industry jobs may be created in rural communities. 
    • Up to 40,000 Albertans without access to a primary health care provider may have improved access to telehealth, and the cost to deliver those services will be reduced. 
    • More than 120,000 students will have improved access to remote education.
  • Data analyzed during development of the Alberta Broadband Strategy estimated that approximately 489,000 Albertans living in 201,000 households lack access to federal target speeds.  

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