The new partnership will focus on sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices in the energy industry. As part of the MOU, Alberta will strive to provide advisory and physical support for the reconstruction of Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

“The people of Ukraine and Alberta share an indelible connection. We have much in common, not least of which is our experience and proficiency in the energy industry. Alberta is well-positioned to provide support as Ukraine rebuilds energy infrastructure devastated by the Russian invasion.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

The agreement outlines potential areas of cooperation, including hydrocarbon development, electricity, energy efficiency, reducing emissions, developing technology and exploring new sources of energy.

Alberta and Ukraine will establish a general framework for this partnership that could include guidance on other initiatives, such as personnel training, contracting processes, capacity building and innovation.

“Over the decades, Alberta’s energy workers have accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge and expertise – from geophysics to drilling to completions to pipelines. We are thrilled to share our experience to help Ukraine rebuild – and in the process learn a few things ourselves.”

Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals

As a result of the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s production of petroleum and other liquids declined by 70 per cent between 2021 and 2022. Likewise, crude oil and equivalent production in Ukraine declined by 80 per cent during the same period.

Alberta will endeavour to provide help that meets the urgent needs of Ukraine’s energy sector, supplying goods such as energy equipment and services including repairing networks and critical energy infrastructure, and providing much-needed fuel.

This MOU will be in effect for five years. It is guided by the objectives and principles of the Joint Declaration on Special Partnership between Canada and Ukraine of March 31, 1994.