Alberta’s government is committed to ensuring that the province is the best place to live, work and raise a family. This includes working to build a province where all Black Albertans have opportunities to prosper and contribute to Alberta’s culture and economy.

Establishing the new Alberta Black Advisory Council fulfils a promise by the Premier to Black Albertans. The council will provide advice to government to help address anti-Black racism and systemic barriers faced by Black Albertans, along with initiatives that improve their socioeconomic well-being and promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

“It is crucial that we, as a government, strive to hear from all Albertans so that we can learn from them and address their concerns. I’m very pleased that the new Alberta Black Advisory Council has been named and is beginning its work and I look forward to receiving their advice.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

“Alberta’s Black Advisory Council will provide important insight and advice into how government can better support Black Albertans. This new council will be advising on how to increase opportunities for Albertans in these communities to prosper as vital contributors to the growth of the province’s culture and economy.”

Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

Led by two co-chairs, Nketti Johnston-Taylor and Yusuf Mohammed, the 11-member council will guide the Alberta government in efforts to build stronger relationships with diverse communities represented in the province. In addition, by creating cross-cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation, all Albertans will be better able to build new and stronger relationships.

“The birth of Alberta’s Black Advisory Council is timely and underscores the importance of representation. I thank the Alberta government for making good on their promise. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve on the first Black advisory board. I look forward to working with the other board members and Alberta’s Black communities to provide feedback and advice on programs and services related to the anti-Black systemic racism, understand and communicate the needs, issues and concerns of Black Albertans and work towards enhancing the relationship between the Alberta government and Black Albertans.”

Nketti Johnston-Taylor, co-chair, Alberta Black Advisory Council

“It is an honour for me to serve our province as we strive towards creating a future where Black Albertans feel safe, valued and empowered to fully contribute to the growth of Alberta’s economy. I am thrilled to have been selected to continue the vital work of bringing people together to build a more inclusive and equitable Alberta.”

Yusuf Mohammed, co-chair, Alberta Black Advisory Council

The Alberta Black Advisory Council will complement the work of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council and the Premier’s Council on Multiculturalism, specific to Black communities. The new council has been established for seven years, after which it will be reviewed.

Council members

  • Nketti Johnston-Taylor, co-chair
  • Yusuf Mohammed, co-chair
  • Farah Ali
  • Deborah Dobbins
  • Samuel Juru
  • Brian Morrissey
  • Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika
  • Dr. Akinseinde Osakuade
  • Brittany Stahl
  • Robert Tyndale
  • Faith-Michael Uzoka

Quick facts

  • 2021 census data indicates that 4.2 per cent of the Canadian population (1,547,870) and 4.2 per cent of Albertans (177,940) reported they are Black visible minority.
  • According to a Canadian Centre for Justice and Community Safety Statistics publication titled Experiences of discrimination among the Black and Indigenous populations in Canada, 2019, almost half (46 per cent) of Black people aged 15 and older reported experiencing at least one form of discrimination in the past five years.

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