During his visit to Salt Lake City, Minister Loewen will attend the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo to support the auction of the special licences for turkey, elk, moose, pronghorn and mule deer.

Special licences generate significant funds that are used within Alberta for conservation initiatives and the management of big game species. Last year, outfitters contributed $350 million to Alberta’s economy.

“From hiking and camping to fishing and hunting, Alberta has many unique outdoor experiences to offer. Wildlife conventions are valuable opportunities to support the growth of our tourism sector by inviting people from around the world to come explore our great outdoors. It’s time for more people to realize just how remarkable Alberta is.”

Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks

Minister Loewen will be joined by three staff members. Mission expenses will be posted on the travel and expense disclosure page.

Quick facts

  • The Minister’s Special Licence (MSL) program offers opportunities for 12 non-resident and resident hunters, via auction and raffle, to hunt six species of game animals using expanded hunting seasons and an expanded hunting area.
  • Holders of an MSL are permitted to hunt year-round for the species associated with their tag, as long as they are in a Wildlife Management Area that has an existing hunting season for the species.
  • In 2023, Alberta’s six non-resident MSLs were auctioned for a combined total of $977,023.
  • In 2023, MSL raffles and auctions generated a combined revenue of $1.2 million.
  • Since 1995, more than $9 million has been raised through the sale of MSLs.

Itinerary for Minister Loewen*

Feb. 15

  • Travel to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Attend the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

Feb. 16-18

  • Attend the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo
  • Meet with Alberta outfitter representatives, international clients and prospective bidders
  • Meet with stakeholders

Feb. 19

  • Return to Alberta

*Subject to change.

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